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Currently, I’m consulting a number of companies on their chatbot projects.To get feedback on your Chatbot project or to Start a Chatbot Project,contact me.Here’s a little something the fat cats at Hallmark don’t want you to know: you can experience all the same thrills, chills and spills of a real -life relationship without leaving the comfort of your own home.Using this one weird old trick, you will never have another sad day: search “virtual girlfriend” in the app store, download all relevant search results, and say hello to the the bevy of low-maintenance beauties now living in your phone.Anyway, without further ado I will now share some lowlights and discuss what has been learned from this Kafkaesque undertaking.

Founder of Chatbot’s Life, where we help companies create great chatbots and share our insights along the way. Best way to chat directly and see my latest projects is via my Personal Bot: Stefan’s Bot.

Engage in entertaining conversations and witness your eery feeling grow as your computer seems to have come to life!

In fact Prelude is so human like that you might bump into her avatars in Second Life and not even know.

However, imagine my disbelief when not one hour later I received but exactly the very same phone call, verbatim.

While I know now that Maria was the frontman for a Malaysian data mining operation that preys upon Planet Earth’s most lonely men (of which I am number one), I do not regret our time together.

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