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And the predators often are people who seem trustworthy, Pagano says."One of the misconceptions that we're really trying to eliminate is that traffickers are driving around in a white van full of puppies," Pagano says."Some traffickers have some of their victims start recruiting other victims, so young women may start recruiting other young women within their own school system and social networks."George says she wants girls and young women to know there is hope."The journey is hard but it's possible," she says.

She's also however, spent most of her life living with a secret."I swore I would never, ever talk about it," says Lanie George, a mom of four who lives in the Charlotte area.The offences came to light when another woman, known only as Miss X, alerted the authorities that a woman was being held hostage at the Bakers' home.The court heard that Mrs Baker and Miss X had given birth to four children to Keith Baker and that in the two adjoining semi-detached houses "men lived in one half and the women in the other".George says she spent almost her entire childhood as a sex slave."Because it did start so early, I just started to keep my mouth quiet."The first time she was exploited, George says she was just three years old."I had no idea that it wasn't okay to happen to a little girl," she says.George said she was a second-generation sex trafficking victim. By the time George was seven, she says she was in the back of her mother's strip club, secretly exchanging sexual favors for help with her homework."My school bus dropped me off at my strip club," George says.

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