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There are not enough plots prepared to bury people." "Most of the bodies we are recovering are people dying on the streets,” he added.

“They're just dropping dead." With meteorologists were predicting rain within the next 24 hours, Chippa said people were looking forward to a much-needed relief.

KARACHI, Pakistan — A senior Islamic cleric has issued a rare fatwa allowing some Muslims to eat in daytime hours during Ramadan to give them respite from Pakistan’s record-breaking heat wave which has killed 750 people.

Temperatures have touched 113 Fahrenheit in Pakistan's largest city this week with witnesses describing people “dropping dead” in the streets.

The current census marks the first time that transgender Pakistanis have been counted as a separate gender.

Transgender citizens were granted full inheritance rights by the Supreme Court in 2012, and the right to vote a year earlier.

This society may have found tolerance, but there is no acceptance for the transgender." Transgender people are known as Khusra or Hijra in Pakistan.

In conservative South Asia, where sexual relations outside marriage are taboo and homosexuality is illegal, they are often treated as sex objects and often become the victims of violent assault.

"Most transgenders can't even file police reports because they don't have identification, and when they go to police stations they are teased ridiculed." In June, the country issued its first third-gender passport to a transgender activist from the northern city of Peshawar.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly attributed the estimate of Pakistan having 150,000 transgender citizens as being made in the 2017 census.

That figure is from a 2015 government health ministry estimate. He said passengers in a 4WD vehicle first harassed the group by throwing rotten eggs at them and then opened fire, resulting in the death of Chanda Sharmeeli.

Attendees reportedly experienced a series of sexual assaults and other harassment during the performances. @itsaadee https://t.co/IVZv5Oz On F — Meesha Shafi (@itsmeeshashafi) January 16, 2017 One wrote on Facebook: "I had no clue it would be full of frustrated men not leaving any opportunity to molest and harass a girl.

One of the first friends I made in the music industry way back when... "For the first time in my life I felt the need to be accompanied by a male at all times to feel safe.

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