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Over 540,000 technological patent applications were made in the United States alone in 2012.21 November 2012: in a breakthrough for quantum cryptography, scientists send encoded quantum signals using a standard commercial fiber optic, potentially allowing near-unbreakable quantum data security to be commercialised.Why isn't the skin of aircraft and cars similarly dimpled? Runners have long debated the difference between training on a treadmill and training on solid ground."Belt turnover" is commonly cited as a factor that helps to move your foot backwards and thereby makes running on a treadmill easier than running on the road. If so, wouldn't it be felt on any "moving" surface you walk on, such as a train or plane – or even Earth?

If you are a producer looking for the sounds that Mike Will uses, look no further!

Fossil: Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) Age: Pleistocene Year Designated: 1986 The Woolly Mammoth or Mammuthus primigenius was a species of mammoth.

The common name for the extinct elephant genus Mammuthus.

Several states have fossils unofficially designated thanks to a fossil being designated as the “State Dinosaur” or “State Stone”.

There are 7 states without a state fossil designation, Arkansas, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

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