Durban fuck rooms

NEARLY 32 YEARS He's now the longest serving President in Africa.

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema came to power in August 3, 1979 he deposed his uncle in a violent coup d'tat, supported by 600 mercenaries licensed from Hassan II of Morocco, Macias Nguema(uncle), who fled but was later captured and executed.

The current president doesn't want to leave the power after two terms.

he and his crooks friends decided to change the constitution of the country for him to run again.

Basil , Bridgetown, Barbados Let us work together to fight dictators in Africa.

Diof , Senegal, Dakar I didn't know some of these were in power for so long!

I like Jose Eduardo though, and think we should cut him some slack.

Thank you my continent Belachew Ibsa , Ethiopia Africans are a bunch of baboons, learn to differenciate good from bad dictator, in France we say as long they keep people safe, money in country and economy strong, who cares how long they stay in power.

Libyans killed their own leader, let them wipe flies on their face for a while. B Degaulle , France, Paris Why don't you put the picture of Chadian President Idriss Deby.

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Anyway one day France will pay for all these crimes committed against Africans. France spies Africa 24/7, sells weapons to make sure Africans kill each other, haha!!

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