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I know that the most secure is to use SSH connection since in pserver authentication passwords are sent in clear, but i tried to focus on the state of art of doing it.

Today, I tried to set it up with but some security issues raised that i didn't solve it yet, but this setting should work very fine if u're not paranoid with security Here are the steps I used to setup my cvs server : 1) Login as root and create a user/group cvs/cvs.

The crypt function probably uses a hash function like MD5. I will summarize what I did : * note: this will install cvs and cvsd plus a few tools we'll need later. It also creates a system user cvsd and a config file under /etc/cvsd/

I beleive that we can't find out the text clear password, the algorith compares hash results. I'll do the rest so it fits the default configuration.

Note: The repository is inside the user's home and not the user's home, this would allow you later to create many repositories as u want in the user's home ( Easier to manage ) # useradd -d /var/home/cvs -g cvs -s /bin/false usercvs # usermod -L usercvs ( Lock user password ) # useradd -d /var/home/cvs -g cvs -s /bin/false anoncvs # usermod -L anoncvs ( Lock user password ) 3) We want to use pserver authentication and don't want cvs to fallback to system authentication when user doesn't exist.

Doing this, we are trying to secure at maximum access to cvs .

I was able to convert a "setgid" error to a "setuid" error ... Anyway, I think I can answer you question according to the password.

After spending many hour reading the doc at the excellent site I successfully set it up running it with .

Thanks for reading all this , I know, It was long and maybe redundunt I would appreciate any feedback Regards dreambox_________________Toshiba Tecra 8200 PIII 750Mhz 512Mb 20Gb Hdd Trident Cyber Blade XP 16Mb Windows Where do you want to go today? When xinetd receives a login request it creates a cvs process with usercvs uid, right?

Since usercvs user is the owner of CVSROOT, it should normally have access to that directory! but thx anyway however, what I did now is that I created a new directory in the repository and tried to check it out while I am logged in ...

I think the problem is that to import a new module, you need to write to CVSROOT, to add the new module to the modules file. but I get the following error setuid failed: Operation not permitted any idea where that could come from ... _________________To thine own self be dreambox: superb post to mog: I had some similiar problem. mine was cvs) So i changed user and group to root, restarted xinetd and was done But i wanted to know, why this doesn't work with user cvs. _________________"Without music, life would be a mistake - I would only believe in a god who knew how to dance." (Nietzsche)Sorry for being late to reply guys/gals.

In your setup, therefore, only admincvs can import a new module, but james or dreambox should be able to commit changes._________________Back off man, I'm a computer scientist I have followed your post pretty much as you said except for the fact that my repsitory is under /data/cvs/mog/ and the CVSROOT directory under /data/cvs/mog/CVSROOT/, however when I try to connect using either well I am not entirely sure as to what exactly happened, but I went through the procedure again ... I got: setgid failed: Operation not permitted I found the source of trouble in /etc/xinet.d/cvspserver. Checked all permissions, they are all correct, everything in /home/cvs/ (i used this dir) belongs to cvs/cvs and all flags are set correctly. When I first posted this how-to, I used to check every day feedbacks but for some period nothing , and today by luck I was checking my posts and were very happy u liked it . /usr/bin/perl srand (time()); my $randletter = "(int (rand (26)) (int (rand (1) .5) % 2 ?

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