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colleen: It’s Bush’s behavior after they got off the bus that appalls me more than his silence on the bus.He twice encourages the woman they’re meeting to be in physical contact with Trump (asks for a hug, puts her between them) and makes a number of sexualized comments.christie: This is so often framed as a women’s issue. This problem isn’t women’s doing, and the ultimate solution needs to involve men; they have the most power to change the culture.It’s the men like Billy Bush who accept and participate in this culture who have the most power to change it. maggiekb: With the Billy Bush thing, I think that’s a great example of why employers should be paying attention to this stuff.It reminded me of times where I’ve been treated in a way that told me that as a woman, my ideas will never be given as much consideration as my body, at least with certain men. colleen (Colleen Barry, general editor): Yeah, I really dislike the “locker-room talk” characterization this is getting.“Locker-room talk” implies that everyone is vulnerable (read: naked) and the conversations that go on are 1. meant to cover the awkwardness of everyone showering together.christie: Yes, I wonder if there would have been as much outrage if Trump’s behavior had been targeted at, let’s say, an immigrant hotel maid of color.One thing I’ve noticed is that when we talk about sexual harassment in the workplace, it’s often about white professional women, which excludes a whole range of experiences from the discussion.

christie: It’s hard to speak up, but it’s also exhausting, especially when the cost of speaking up is likely to be greater than the reward.

Would you ever want to work with him again, as a female co-host?

How can you trust a colleague who would throw you under the bus like that?

maggiekb (Maggie Koerth-Baker, senior science writer): I’ve had really conflicting thoughts about this.

It gives me the same reaction as Christie’s, but, also, I’m incredibly frustrated by what is and isn’t considered “a line too far” in this election. It’s OK to say a judge should recuse himself because of his ethnicity.

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